Intergenerational Pen Pal Project


Looking for a meaningful activity while remaining socially distant? Preston Youth Services wants to bridge the generation gap, one letter at a time!!  We are looking to connect Preston youth (3rd grade and up) with Preston seniors (60+) with our Intergeneration Pen Pal Project!!

Maybe snail mail sounds outdated and old fashioned. Let’s put it another way: In these days of social distancing, wouldn’t it feel good to reach out and touch someone? You still can. It’s just their hearts you’ll be touching. Kind words, friendship, and funny jokes don’t have to be enjoyed in person. Sometimes, it’s terrific to have them turn up in your mailbox in a handwritten letter.  

Intergenerational Program multi benefits:

•        Improves the mental agility and socialization of senior participants
•        Improves comprehension and creative thinking of students

Preston Youth Services is encouraging hand written letters versus typed letters

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