Girls Scout Leaders Needed!

girlscoutsLogoGirls just can’t wait to be Girl Scouts!

But they need your help to join a troop, experience a life-changing event or series of activities, or visit exciting places around New England. If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community, there’s no better way than to get involved in Girl Scouting.


Representative Advisory Board To Southeastern Connecticut Water Authority

DSCN2452The Town of Preston, along with all other southeastern Connecticut municipalities, has the responsibility to appoint two people to the Representative Advisory Board to Southeastern Connecticut Water Authority (SCWA). Appointments are made biennially, for two-year terms, and are due for consideration this year.


Interest Free Loans for Home Repairs


The Town of Preston has been awarded a $300,000 Small Cities grant from the Department of Economic and Community Development. The grant provides funds for 0% interest loans to eligible low and moderate income homeowners


Institute of Invasive Bamboo Research

BambooPhyllostachys Aureosulcata, Yellow Groove Bamboo, Running Timber Bamboo

Stems are called culms and grow 2 feet per day to a maximum of 45 feet tall.



Eastern Regional Mental Health Board Volunteer Position

RegionalMentalHealthBoardThe Eastern Regional Mental Health Board (ERMHB) is a non-profit planning & evaluation agency whose mission is to make sure every citizen of eastern Connecticut gets the mental health care he or she needs.  One way to do this is to hold two meetings a month, one with representatives of the towns in the northwestern part of the state and one with those from southeastern Connecticut.

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