Amos Lake Soil Testing

Amos lakeAmos Lake Association’s 2017 Soil Testing Day Saturday, April 22, 2017

Come have your lawn and/or garden soil tested for your benefit and that of Amos Lake Watershed.   Simply participate in sampling day, and you’re on your way to a healthier lawn and environment;  

It’s smart, free, and easy! Entails 4 simple steps

  1. Follow the directions contained in the Amos Lake Association’s 2017 Soil Testing Day

Q&A’s by clicking here or:

  1. Pick up a soil kit at Flemings Feed Flemings Feed 353 Route 165, Preston Town Hall or Preston Public Library.
  2. Return soil samples on April 22 from 10 – 3 PM to the Preston Transfer Station at 108 Ross Road, or Flemings Feed 353 Route 165
  1. Receive results by mail within 2-3 weeks.

This event is intended to raise awareness of the importance of testing one’s soil before fertilizing to ensure that it is necessary and appropriate to conditions, to provide the correct nutrient mix, and to ensure that it is properly applied.  The net result will be healthier lawns and gardens and a healthier lake and watershed environment not subject to unnecessary or over-application of fertilizer.  Reduced time, effort, and fertilizer expenses can likewise be expected by most participants.