Control of Variable Water Milfoil in Amos Lake

ECCD Amos Lake Final WBP 8.18

The state department of Energy and Environmental Protection awarded the Town of Preston a $4,500 grant to control or eradicate invasive Variable Water Milfoil form 114 acre Amos Lake and an

additional $3,700 to conduct a full aquatic survey.   The Town of Preston and the Amos Lake Association each pledged an additional $1,500 to this project. 

Under this grant the project coordinator established an aquatic invasive species monitoring committee (AISMC).  The committee developed prevention and awareness programs that educate the public about VWM. This was accomplished by public monitoring and signage at the boat launch raising awareness to all visitors of the lake.  Letters, flyers, and website articles and a welcome packet for new residents were used to alert citizens of the dangers associated with spreading VWM. 

Fourteen volunteers were trained by Gwendolyn Flynn representing Amos Lake, Avery Pond and Poquetanuck Cove through DEEP's Invasive Investigators program.  Our volunteers make a presence at the boat launch during summer recreational months, building relationships with the various fishing clubs that host tournaments in Amos Lake as well as other recreational users.  A brochure is provided to the Amos Lake Beach club to get the word out to their guest.  In addition to identifying hitchhikers volunteers were trained to identify invasive aquatic species in both Amos Lake and Avery Pond. The team monitors the waterbodies for AIS in July and September of each year.   This project was designed both to provide a tool for monitoring activity at the state boat launch and to engage volunteers in identifying and mapping new and established infestations.  AIS monitoring volunteers discovered VWM in the eastern portion of the lake, warranting the need for a full Aquatic plant survey by a licensed lake management company.   

If you would like to be a volunteer with the aquatic invasive species monitoring committee please contact our project coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Map of Amos Lake affected areas                               Message regarding Milfoil