Youth Services Bureau

Preston Plains Middle School
1 Route 164
Stephanie Greene
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Phone: 860-334-6125

Preston Youth Services continues to provide a range of services to meet the needs of children, teens, parents and families of our community. Much of the success of our agency is attributable to its strong collaborative approach to solving problems, enhancing services and filling gaps in school/community resources. Working closely with other agencies, organizations and the Preston Public Schools, Preston Youth Services has become an effective community coordinator, identifying needs, developing partnerships and finding creative and cost effective solutions to help our students.

Youth Services Board Members  
Janice Majcher, Chairperson Olof Sigmarsdottir, School Psychologist
Kelly McKenna, V. Chairperson Jenn Foltz, Special Education Teacher
Kathleen Coon, Secretary Tim Paige, Connecticut State Trooper
Bob Congdon, 1st Selectman Connecticut State Trooper
Jack Welch, Superintendent of Schools Angela Duhaime, SERAC Coordinator
Ivy Davis, Director of Special Education Bob Onderdonk, Community Board Member
Raymond Bernier, PPMS Principal Gretchen Jones, Preston Parent
Kathi Walsh, PVMS Principal Melissa Durkee, Teacher - Preston Plains Middle School