Trade Name Certificate

Any person(s) conducting business under a name other than their own in the Town of Preston shall file a Trade Name Certificate  with the Town Clerk. Each certificate will state the name of the business, full name of each person(s) conducting such business or authorized officer thereof, post-office address and acknowledged under oath prior to submitting to the Town Clerk.

Filing a Trade Name Certificate does not protect the business name.  To protect the business name, you must register with the Secretary of State.  For additional information regarding starting a new business, corporation or LLC, contact the Secretary of State at 860-509-6200 or 800-540-3764 or visit their website at

The trade name filing requirement does not apply to:

  • Partnerships, if the partnership name contains the true last name of at least one of the persons comprising said partnership;
  • Limited partnerships which have registered with the Secretary of State;
  • Limited liability companies which have registered with the Secretary of State

The fee for filing a Trade Name Certificate in the Town Clerk's Office is $5.00. The Trade Name Certificate can be notarized in the office for an additional $5.00.
For additional information please refer to Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 35-1.
 If you require additional state licensing and registration information, contact Smart Start at the Connecticut Licensing Info Center or 1-800-392-2122.