Pistol Permits


Instructions:  Fill out Application, have signed and notarized prior to fingerprinting and returning to Resident Troopers.  Notaries are available at the Preston Town Hall or any bank) – The following must accompany the application:
Please following the following instructions on this page as the first page of the state's application (link above) has not been updated.  If you have any questions, please contact the First Selectman's office at 860-887-5581 x1.

1. NRA Certificate

2. Copy of Birth Certificate

3. Copy of Driver’s License, Photo Identification or Passport

**The following fees will be due prior to fingerprinting:  

**Note – must be individual certified checks or money orders.

$15.00 payable to “Treasurer – State of CT” (certified check or money order)

$12.00 payable to “Treasurer – State of CT” (certified check or money order)

$50.00 payable to “Treasurer – State of CT” (certified check or money order)

When the above is completed, contact the Preston Resident Trooper (Tim Paige or Armando Bettini) @ 860-848-6500 x 5 to have your fingerprints taken.

Processing will take approximately eight (8) weeks from date of fingerprinting. Contact the Selectmen’s Office @ 887-5581 (x1) to see if it has been received. You will need to submit another $70.00 for your temporary local permit, payable to the Town ofPreston(cash or personal check is fine).

Once your local permit is completed, you will need to apply for your State Permit.  The fee for your State Permit will also cost $70.00, payable to “Treasurer – State of CT”. Instructions for your State permit will be given at the time you pick up your temporary permit w/the Town. (You must apply for your State Permit within sixty (60) days from the date on your local “temp” Permit – or you will have to re-apply from the local level).