Who can apply for a Preston Library card?

The Library will issue a library card, without charge, to all residents of Preston with proof of residence.

Young people under the age of 16 must have the accompanying signature of a parent or guardian before a card will be issued.

A patron is responsible for all materials checked out under their card, and parents/guardians are responsible for all materials checked out under a child's card even if they are not present at the time of the checkout.

A patron is liable for any damages which may occur to library materials while they are in their possession.

What do I need to get a Preston Library card?

You need to come to the library and show proof of residence. It could be in the form of a canceled piece of mail, driver's license, or passport, any of which would need to show an address in Preston, Connecticut. The document must include your name and address. You will then need to fill out a short form.

May I borrow sources when I apply for my library card?

Yes, your card is issued immediately with full borrowing privileges, and you may take out as many sources as you wish. For your protection, do not lend your card to anyone else, as you are responsible for sources charged out on your card.

May I use my card at other libraries?

Yes, your Preston Library card may be used at most public libraries in Connecticut. (Academic libraries generally require borrowers to be students or staff at their institution. However, we may be able to inter-library loan a book for you from that institution).

Can anyone check out books and DVDs from the Preston Public Library?

Anyone with a valid, up-to-date library card from their hometown library may use items from The Preston Public Library. To register your card at the PPL you must bring your hometown library card, as well as photo ID to the PPL.

What are the rules for using the book drop?

The book drop is open when the library is closed. You are responsible for the condition of all sources returned in the book drop. Please do not leave sources on top of, or beside book drop. Also, please do not leave money for overdue sources in drop. Please bring your items inside if the library is open.

What if I lose or damage library materials?

Inform the library immediately. You are responsible for all sources borrowed on your card.

What if the sources I want aren't in the library when I visit?

You may reserve sources unavailable at the time of your visit. You may also reserve items online. You will be contacted by phone when the items are returned.

What if I am moving?

If you move within town, please let us know the new address as soon as possible. If you are moving within Connecticut, you must get a card from the town to which you have moved to. You are then welcome to use that card here. If you are moving out of state or out of town, turn in or mail your Preston card before you leave.

Does the Library have internet access?

Yes. The PPL has 5 public access computers as well wireless access to the internet. The Internet offers unlimited global access to information. The Preston Public Library does not monitor or control the content of materials available through this medium.

Parents or guardians of children under the age of 16 are responsible for their children's use of the Internet (as they are for all books/materials used by the children in their charge).

Who may use the computers?

Anyone may use any of the Public Access computers that are in the Library. All have Internet access and can be used for one half hour. Additional time may be available, depending on demand. Only one person may use a workstation at a time.

How long do books and DVD circulate?

Most books can be checked out for 3 weeks, and can be renewed by calling the library at 860-886-1010 or by going online. New or heavily requested items are checked out for 2 weeks and may not be renewed

Late fees for books are 5 cents per item, per day.

DVDs and Videos are checked out for 1 week and cannot be renewed.

Five DVDs and/or Video Tapes can be checked out to a patron at a time.

Late fees for DVDs and Video Tapes are $1.00 per day, per item.

What happens if I lose or damage a book or DVD which I have borrowed from the PPL?

Patrons will be charged the full replacement cost of the lost or damaged item, plus a $2.00 processing fee. Special fees may apply to lost or damaged items obtained through Inter-Library Loans.